Supplementing vitamin D3 for autoimmune disorders

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As we get ready for winter, which also means cold and flu season, it’s time to start boosting our immune systems! The best prevention of illness and quick recovery is a healthy immune system.

supplementing vitamin d3 for autoimmune disorders

But, what if you have an autoimmune disorder? An autoimmune disorder is where the body has an abnormal immune response to substances or tissue in the body and begins to attack itself. Different conditions react to different substances and body parts, for instant Hashimoto’s and Grave’s diseases attack the thyroid.

Basically, you are already behind the eight ball with a compromised immune system if you have an autoimmune condition. That means it’s super important for you to make sure you are building up your body during the winter months. Good nutrition being the best way to start but some of us need more than that for our bodies.

If you have an autoimmune disorder than you more than likely have a compromised gut. A great majority of our immune system is housed in our gut. It is not uncommon for a person with an AI disorder to have trouble absorbing minerals and vitamins because of this reason.

A common vitamin that is often found to be be low with people with autoimmune disorders is vitamin D.

Vitamin D stimulates the immune to system to get rid of waste in the body. In particular vitamin D3 helps to regulate T cells. T cells are important in helping build a strong immune system. They also help prevent inflammation. Inflammation is a major issue to contend with when dealing with an autoimmune disorder, whether it be your digestive system or your joints, like in arthritis.

Reducing inflammation is always a good thing but it is especially helpful for those individuals that suffer from aches and pains associated with the inflammation.

Depending on where you live, it’s difficult to get enough D3 in your system without the aid of a supplement. It is also becoming increasingly common to be lower in vitamin D3 as more and more people spend less time outdoors in the sun without using sunscreen.

In the summer, we make sure to get out for at least 30 minutes a day to soak up the sun. This means no sunscreen and sleeveless so our skin sucks up the sunshine! Not only are you getting your daily dose of D3 but I think fresh air and sunshine are great at reducing stress and we all need that!

We also supplement D3 as we live in a state with a long winter. If you are unsure of where you stand with your levels, check with your doctor to see how much D3 you need.

One thing to be aware of when purchasing vitamin D3 is to get one that does not contain soybean oil as a filler. Nothing is more annoying than bringing home something only to discover it has crud in there you don’t want in your body.

Optimal vitamin D levels are being shown to help prevent autoimmune disorders as well. Studies are being conducted as to how much vitamin D is needed to help alter the outcome or prevent autoimmune disorders. Most holistic professionals tend to think that levels between 50 and 75 as optimum, and it’s important to get your levels checked if you’re unsure of where yours might be. It’s also important to look at reasons your body may not be absorbing vitamin D properly as simply throwing lots of supplements at your body isn’t always the best route.

Do you supplement with D3 to help build your immune system?

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