Why we want to avoid plastic as much as possible


For a long time, I used to purchase a water bottle from the gas station or supermarket and re-used the bottle for months at a time. I really believed I was saving money by not re-buying my bottle every day, because let’s face it – some places charge a ridiculous amount for water!

I did this for years and never thought twice about it…. until a friend of mine refused to drink from my water bottle after we had been on a long hike together. I knew she was thirsty as she had repeated this for the last part of the hike, over and over again and we both made jokes about our desperate need for more water! She had seen my mankie (yes, I made that word up!) water bottle. It was torn and slightly dented in places.
plastic and hormones

Well, naturally I had to understand why she didn’t want to drink from my water bottle – even though she was super thirsty! We were good friends, so I made a joke about it being about my germs or something but she revealed something far more important. She explained to me that water bottles were a nasty form of Oestrogen which mimicks our own oestrogen and can play havoc with our hormones.

The worst part was that when these water bottles sit in the sun, those oestrogens leak into the water and we essentially are drinking Oestrogen Tea!

Admittedly, I never considered this for all those years and it was what started my desire to learn more about the things we put into our bodies!

Since then, I discovered a scary connection with Endometriosis (a condition I suffered with for many, many years) and too many Oestrogens – particularly these bad Oestrogens, which are typically called Xenoestrogens.

With Endometriosis, having too much oestrogen is really, really common and is said to be the trigger in Endometriosis growing and progressing. This makes sense as most oestrogens trigger growth within the body. We do need this growth while we are going through puberty – yes, for our boobs to grow but also to ensure our bones grow, amongst many other things.

How plastic affects your hormones

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So, could too much Oestrogen from environmental toxins, particularly from plastics be a contributor to Endometriosis?

It certainly could be.

See, Xenoestrogens act as far more potent forms of oestrogens, naturally produced within the body. It is super powerful and will cause imbalances within our hormones – PMS anyone?

Xenoestrogens from plastics are super easy to avoid. Don’t drink from plastic bottles and particularly those which are made of that cheap plastic! Avoid eating foods which were prepared or stored in plastic tubs – Chinese take-out is one of the most common places for using plastic tubs for take-out.

The truth is, since recognizing these facts with plastics and oestrogens…. I can now actually taste the oestrogens in the water! I just can’t drink it either and finally understand what my friend was talking about!

Have you tried “oestrogen tea” water? Noticed a difference with normal water? Did you know this about plastics?

Having discovered the cause of her endless pain at the tender age of 19, Melissa has dedicated her life to finding a way to just live a "normal" life with Endometriosis. She explored all the recommended options including hormonal treatments and after 7 operations decided that there must be a better way for her body. Melissa now lives completely pain and symptom-free with Endometriosis. She would like to Empower more women about what they CAN DO for their Endometriosis to feel better. You can sign up for her free introductory course to become Endo Empowered by visiting her website. www.endoempowered.com
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