How to Make Nourishing Stock/Bone Broth

Course Soups and Stews
Author Donielle


  • leftover chicken bones
  • some celery carrots, and onion
  • bay leaf
  • vinegar I use apple cider vinegar


  • Place your leftover chicken into the pot.
  • Pour in a Tbsp or two of vinegar and let sit for an hour before turning on the heat.
  • Then chop up some veggies and toss them in as well.
  • Go ahead and top with some sea salt and pepper as well as a bay leaf or two.
  • Now pour in about a half-gallon of water or so. Enough to cover everything in the pot.
  • Turn crockpot on high and cover until boiling. Skim off any nasty stuff that comes to the top and then turn down to low.
  • Let simmer.
  • I like to let mine simmer at least overnight and normally for about 24 hours. The longer it simmers, the more flavorful it’ll get!
  • When you’ve decided it’s simmered long enough, pull out the straining basket, then pour through a mesh strainer to get all the little bits out as well.
  • You can then use it as is or place the pot of stock in the fridge to cool so you can skim the fat off the top.
  • You can use it up right away or freeze/can it for future use.