Homemade Sweet Cream Butter

Course Traditional Food Preparation
Author Donielle


  • Cream any amount (I use 2-3 cups), preferably organic and from grassfed cows


  • Let the cream warm to about 60 degrees. If it's too warm it may not separate well. (when this happens, I stick an ice cube or two into the jar)
  • Pour into a mason jar so it is about half full and shake.
  • After shaking for about 15-20 minutes you’ll have a ball of butter and the buttermilk will be completely separated.
  • Pour out the buttermilk for another use and then put the butter into another bowl.
  • Grab a spatula and "massage" (rinse) out the rest of any buttermilk under cold water. This gives the butter longevity as the leftover buttermilk will cause it to sour.


Instead of a mason jar, you can also use a blender on low speed, or a mixer with a regular paddle attachment.
I still use the mason jar as it always works!