“Naturally Balanced” – A 30-day Challenge to Balance Your Hormones

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The challenge is now over. If you’re interested in the information used, most of it is compiled into my book Naturally Knocked Up.

You can also join the Natural Fertility and Wellness chat group on Facebook.



Natural Fertility is an active approach to fertility that does not involve medical intervention, but instead takes a different course of action through a commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s about leaving the control of our fertility in the Lord’s hands yet doing all we can within our own power to create an environment within our bodies that is hospitable to new life.

This active approach to fertility uses nutrition and supplements, exercise, charting fertility signs, and making use of holistic health professionals. It’s about changing the way we view our bodies, treating the root cause and not the symptoms. And it’s changing how we think about food as well as how we prepare it.

But making changes by yourself is hard. The support from others trying to learn the same healthy life habits is pivotal, which is why I’m launching the “Naturally Balanced” 30-day challenge to balance your hormones.

I need this as much as you do.

I know what I’m supposed to be doing, yet have a hard time living it out when most everyone around me eats the Standard American Diet. It gets hard to keep cravings for junk food at bay when no one else seems to care about what they put in their mouths. And those of us eating to balance our hormones have some specific dietary needs that others don’t have. Supporting each other is crucial.

This 30-day challenge isn’t about me teaching you – it’s about coming together to share what we’ve learned and implement the changes.

The Challenge begins on Thursday, November 24th!

Yup, you heard that right, we’re starting the challenge on Thanksgiving Day. Am I trying to set myself up for disaster? Of course not! But the place I’m coming from, after a miscarriage just weeks ago, is that I have no set cycle. And since I believe in the power of lunaception to balance the cycle – we start on November 24 with the new moon. (don’t know what lunaception is? We’ll cover it soon)

Who this fertility challenge is for:

  • women looking to balance their hormones and regulate their cycle (or those who have that want to inspire others and stay encouraged)
  • women looking to increase the odds of conception
  • all women of childbearing age, whether you’re looking to conceive or not, and
  • women looking to learn more about how their bodies work

Challenge Basics

I’m still in the planning stages (yup – totally a last minute thing as I realized I didn’t want to wait for the next moon cycle) but so far the challenge will include:

  • Sample menu plans – both from myself and other health professionals
  • Blog posts based around aspects of balancing hormones; diet, lunaception, supplements, etc
  • Guest posts from alternative health care providers
  • Weekly goal and update posts from me as I blog about what I’m doing for myself.
  • A short, downloadable ebooklet to give you basic guidelines and a place to write your own goals
  • A community forum, where everyone can join in and discuss what they’re doing and what their goals are, ask questions, and most importantly, receive support as they work to better their health.

How to Sign Up

Any woman can sign up no matter her diagnosis or where she’s at in her cycle. Even if your particular fertility issue is male factor and you want support for making healthy changes for you and your husband! Even if you’re not looking to get pregnant right now.

Everyone who reads the blog posts will be able to follow my journey through this challenge as I blog about my experiences and post relevant information, but those who really want to get involved, sign up on the forum, and receive the free “Naturally Balanced” ebooklet need to sign up for either the daily, or weekly blog e-mail newsletter. Once you do, you’ll get all the info you need to become part of this challenge.



The challenge is sponsored in part by:

  • Beeyoutifulwhere our goal is to assist you in bridging the nutritional gap between our modern diet and our bodies nutritional needs.
  • and
  • Fertility Flower – Give the gift of Natural Family Planning this holiday. Buy year-long or half-year gift memberships to ‘smart and beautiful’ FertilityFlower.com for your best friends this holiday season.

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