Health issues connected to endometriosis


I have been on such a wonderful journey to try to figure out this Endometriosis, which has been living with me for over 15 years. What I did discover is that there is so much more to this than just hormones! It’s not an easy disorder to treat, but the more I’ve researched and learned about my body the move I’ve found many different health issues connected to endometriosis.

3 Hidden health issues connected with endometriosis

Here are some of my findings and I would highly recommend exploring further if you have Endometriosis:

1. Candida and endometriosis

Candida is a fungus which normally lives in the gut in quite acceptable levels. We happily live in existence with this little guy provided he stays in this controllable level. Unfortunately, there are things that trigger it to become bigger and out of control. Taking antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and then catapulting that with a high sugary, starch-rich diet can make this guy run wild! Candida becomes prolific and systemic. It essentially gets into the bloodstream and starts to move to other parts of the body – usually, the vagina is next. You know, thrush? Well, that is Candida gone systemic.

What Candida does is add to the toxic load on our bodies and it eats up many of the vital nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. It also has a hormone-altering effect.

There have been many ties made with Candida and Endometriosis. Many authors believe that Endometriosis is actually a result of Candida overgrowth.

2. Iodine Deficiency and endometriosis

When we consider the work of Jorge D Flechers and Dr. Brownstein, it is clear to see that a lack of Iodine in our diets can be directly linked to Endometriosis and other abnormal growths in our bodies.

Strong comparisons are made with the low incidences of Endometriosis and other related conditions in Japan and the key dietary difference is in the high consumption of seaweeds and seafood. These foods are rich in iodine which having been tested on women with Endometriosis shows significant improvements.

In a study compiled at Berkley, women who consumed higher amounts of Kelp were found to have reduced Endometriosis pain and a longer menstrual cycle.

Iodine deficiency is also closely linked to the thyroid. Interestingly enough, many women with Endometriosis also seem to suffer from thyroid conditions. Could the connection be low Iodine?

There is also a scenario that happens where exposure to high levels of chlorine or bromine can cause iodine displacement. Essentially, if we have been exposed to high levels of these, it “kicks out” the iodine in our bodies! I know I spent most of my childhood in a chlorinated pool….. an interesting connection.

3. Our Mouth and endometriosis

Our mouth can become a breeding ground for bad bacteria and is often the toxic starting block for many of us. I lived with mercury fillings in my mouth for over 10 years and this continual leak of mercury onto my body, simply added to the heavy metal load on the overburdened liver is simply going to make flushing out excess hormones harder. Excess hormones = more Endometriosis growth.Endometriosis

The mouth can also be a large breeding ground for dangerous bacteria which filter down into the rest of the body. According to Dr. Dittman, they are the leading cause of miscarriages!

If you are suffering from bleeding and sore gums it is really important to get onto a new cleaning protocol in your mouth. Clays (available on Amazon), Bicarbonate of Soda and Essential Oils can provide a wonderful balance and restorative healing for you.

I hope this article has given you some new avenues to explore along your Endo Journey. Endometriosis has taught me some amazing lessons about myself and my body. The biggest one is: Every aspect of the body plays a part in healing: We need a holistic approach to Endo.

What parts of your body did you discover were related to Endo? What hidden connections have you made?

Having discovered the cause of her endless pain at the tender age of 19, Melissa has dedicated her life to finding a way to just live a "normal" life with Endometriosis. She explored all the recommended options including hormonal treatments and after 7 operations decided that there must be a better way for her body. Melissa now lives completely pain and symptom-free with Endometriosis. She would like to Empower more women about what they CAN DO for their Endometriosis to feel better. You can sign up for her free introductory course to become Endo Empowered by visiting her website.
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  2. Shanhong Lu

    I am a integrative MD right now trying to convince one of my patients (age 20?) not to go to surgery but findout the causes and reducing the symptoms…. can you help?

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