Detox during the holidays and still have fun!


Everybody wants a holiday detox. To be more precise, they want a detox after the holidays because they are worn out, weary, and feeling pretty crummy after not taking care of themselves and indulging without limits. I know because I’ve done it too!

Detoxing your body is less about forcing your body to let go of toxins and more about supporting the detoxification work your body already does so masterfully on its own!

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Choose three or four of these healthy self-care items and do them daily for the next two weeks. You can do more if you like, but I encourage you to really consider the ones that mean the most to you.

1. Drink a glass of water first thing each morning.

Hydration is key, especially when you’re busy with holiday parties and might be indulging a bit more than normal. 😉 Benefits range from a bit of extra energy to assisting bowel movement to clearer skin. Toxin elimination through bowel and urine is one of the key ways to support your natural detoxification system and getting in a glass of water in the morning keeps you one step ahead! You can add cucumber, lemon, or even fresh mint leaves to liven it up if you need some flavor.

2. Eat a salad every day for lunch.

Bonus points for having a variety of veggie-based colors in your salad! Veggies are a fantastic way to get in the fiber needed to move toxins through the digestive system. And you’ll be getting in plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support your wellness and immune system.

3. Spend 5 minutes in the morning AND evening in meditation, prayer or setting your intentions for the day/next day.

December and into January is a busy time. No matter how, or what, holiday you celebrate it’s often a time of stress and extra obligations. Spending just a few moments each morning and evening can help you reorient and calm your mind.

4. Limit your “news consumption” to one part of the day, for one-half hour, max.

There’s no reason to bring added stress into your life – limiting the information you take in during the holidays will immediately lighten that load!

5. Exchange soda for kombucha or water kefir.

Reducing the sugary drinks and replacing them with better options doesn’t just help your waistline! High sugar drinks like soda contribute to massive blood sugar changes which affect our moods and energy levels. Skip the roller coaster ride and grab kombucha or water kefir instead. (this is getting a lot easier as many supermarkets, even Target and Costco, carry multiple brands) As an added benefit, they are great for your immune and digestive systems!

6. Incorporate good fats into your diet.

A good baseline for healthy brains and hormones is 50-60 grams /day. Good fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter, along with avocados, nuts, and seeds are much needed in our nutritional plans. These fats help keep cravings for sweets at bay along with giving up long-lasting energy for busy days!
I even have a free menu plan for you! Use this over the holidays to help support your hormones, mood, and immune system. Pop your email in below and I’ll send it right over! (It’s a printable PDF and includes a grocery list!)

7. Take 20 minutes each day to do one thing that brings you joy, peace, and inspiration.

The holiday season is often about our focus on others, and this is a good thing! But sometimes during the holiday and Christmas season, we try to do so much and please so many people, that we forget about doing the little things that bring us joy and peace in our daily lives. The things that ground us. Find something that helps you slow down and enjoy the season, grab a book and drink hot cocoa, or simply take a walk and enjoy the winter weather.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t mean strict diets and feeling miserable! Take care of yourself over the next couple of weeks. <3

Asher Thayer
Asher lives in Grand Rapids, MI where she serves her community as Naturopath. She is passionate about helping her clients find health and wholeness naturally, and believes that in order to be truly well we must learn to honor all of ourselves; mind, body, emotions. Lover of good food, trees and people, when she isn't working you'll find her cooking, mentoring kiddos, and spending time in the woods. Learn more about her practice by visiting her website, facebook, or by tossing her an email!
Asher Thayer
Asher Thayer
Asher Thayer
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