Cleansing for Conception

By: Donielle Baker
Looking to get pregnant and confused about cleansing protocols?
So you’re thinking about having a baby.

Or maybe you’ve been trying for quite some time and it just isn’t happening, so you’re looking for alternative methods to assist in conception.

Cleansing for Conception is a great beginner’s guide to WHY we might need to cleanse before pregnancy and offers simple tips to gently “detox” before you begin a fertility diet.

So how do we cleanse our bodies in order to increase the odds of conception and lay the foundation for good health for our babies?

Too often couples begin rigorous cleansing program before trying to conceive and they end up feeling sick and deprived.

They want only to prepare their bodies in the best way possible, but it can soon become a struggle. Many times it can cause more harm than good, making them sicker than they were before, or even disrupting reproductive function.

It’s important to cleanse before conception, but it’s just as important to work with the body and its natural cleansing abilities. To cleanse gently so as not to cause the body excess stress.

In this book you’ll find a natural approach to cleansing that will help you prepare your body prior to pregnancy. Drawing from traditional wisdom you’ll learn what foods are best to avoid during a cleanse, what herbs and treatments are beneficial, and simple strategies that you can implement into your current lifestyle.

Cleansing for Conception

Why does “detoxing” have to be so harsh…and confusing?

I tried cleansing years ago and found that I fell off the wagon before I’d barely begun, I could handle a week and then quit! I felt deprived and stressed out instead of rejuvenated. I worked against my body instead of with it.

It took me a few years to realize that a gentle approach was what worked for me.

Detox products are a huge industry, and they often sell to those who are desperate for health, vitality, and fertility. This is simply because many of us ARE desperate.

We’re tired of feeling tired, and we just want some hope that change can be possible. Yet, we have a hard time trusting those who are selling us these products meant to give us back our health. And, granted, that mistrust is warranted many times, as there are plenty of companies and products that are of little to no help. Your story may be similar to mine; it’s been a constant journey to keep my health and fertility on track.

Many times, I just wanted someone to give me hope, so I’ve tried many different dietary and detox protocols over the years.

What I’ve learned is that our bodies are magnificent creations, and they work each day to remove toxins and waste products. The problem comes when we live in environments that keep us polluted, or we consume a diet that doesn’t quite give our body the nourishment it needs to complete this task.

This book will help you figure out how to boost your body’s natural detoxification system in order to function the best that it can and also provide a safe and clean environment for new life.

Meet The Author

Donielle Baker is passionate about the link between food and fertility, overcoming her own issues with infertility and loss, and has gone on to grow her family naturally. While not a rocket scientist by any means, she’s a big believer in eating whole foods and using natural/alternative therapies to get to the root of the problem instead of simply masking symptoms.

She’s been blogging here at Natural Fertility and Wellness since 2008, helping couples learn to change their diets and taking them step-by-step through diet and lifestyle overhaul. You can read more about her story here.

what they’re saying

“Donielle has created yet another fabulous book to help with our Fertility and Conception. “Cleansing for Conception” offers a wonderful choice of cleansing techniques which will aid your body in releasing toxins but without leaving you feeling like you need 3 days to recover afterwards. They are easy and completely achievable techniques which still provide fantastic cleansing for your body. This is incredible value for the amazing amount of content found within!”

Melissa Turner

“Cleansing for Conception is a thoughtful look at how toxins in our environment affect our fertility.  The book  provides realistic and practical ways of helping our bodies naturally cleanse.  This book is wonderful resource for managing fertility naturally  and a is must-read if you are wanting to increase your chances of conceiving. ”

Amy Medling, CHC
“Cleansing for Conception is a great read for any woman interested in preparing her body for a healthy pregnancy. Donielle lays out the steps for cleansing in an easy to read format-excellent for someone unfamiliar with a cleansing routine.You are given the keys to the start of a great routine for your body. Cleansing for Conception is an easy guide to clean out and nourish the body in the vital months before pregnancy.”

Jessica from Simply Healthy Home

“As I poured through this well-written and thorough guide to cleansing, I was reminded of our similar approaches to gentle cleansing. Early in the book Donielle talks about her history with detox plans and how she came to shift her paradigm from deprivation to nourishment – from detoxing to cleansing. She shares her experiences and knowledge regarding a variety of cleansing approaches. She goes into detail on everything from diet and herbs to body brushing and essential oils. This comprehensive guide to fertility cleansing is the perfect book for couples looking to embark on a self-guided cleanse program and improve their fertility in 2014!”

Jess Pedersen CHHC, AADP from Be Mama Be Well