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How to transition from hormone treatments for endometriosis

Natural Treatment for EndometriosisI know when I first found out I had Endometriosis and my doctor recommended I go on hormone treatments for my it, I personally think I made that decision out of fear. Fear that the Endometriosis would spread. Fear that things would get worse! I just didn’t want any of it to affect me anymore than it needed to and if these hormonal treatments were somehow going to slow down the Endometriosis growth, then brilliant!

I went down the path of hormonal treatments for over 12 years. I tried a wonderful selection of things but ultimately my body just rejected them or couldn’t deal with the constant side-effects.

When I eventually decided to try a more natural approach for my Endometriosis, I initially thought I could just stick with the contraceptive pill and adjust my diet etc to kinda “get the best of both worlds” or so I thought. What I didn’t realize was that the contraceptive pill was having effects on all aspects of my body – and not just my hormones. It was affecting my digestion, my liver, and my overall health.

Now, I was nervous but somehow I knew I needed to get off the contraceptive pill. I was so scared all the pain would just come rushing back.

Here are some of the tips I learned to make it easier for you if you wish to do the same:

1. Build your body up a little before you do it

When I say “build up”, what I mean is, giving your body some boosted good nutrition. Get it working well. Give it all those extra minerals and vitamins you can get from a good healthy diet. Get into juicing and green smoothies to help your liver detoxify and get ready for the freedom of being synthetic hormone free!

2. Flush out the excess Xenoestrogens

*Only do this once you have decided to go off the pill or synthetic treatment.

Xenoestrogens are basically all those synthetic hormones that you have been taking. The trouble with them is that they cause an overflow of estrogenic activity within the body, which is not a good thing -especially with endo! You want to make sure you get your body to flush them out. Calcium D Glucarate is a great solution for this, along with taking some powerful liver tonics like Bupleurum or any of the bitters.

3. Support your liver

The liver is the one that gets rid of all the hormones and regulates all that is going on with endo too. (in terms of hormone production and toxin release). You want to support your liver as much as you can. You can try drinking Dandelion Root Tea daily, take Milk Thistle, or get onto a powerful daily liver tonic or supplement. The liver will love you for it.

4. Really consider your diet

Your diet could be loaded with triggers that make your endo grow more! Sugar is a big one. There are also foods which inhibit mineral and vitamin absorption and you definitely want to make sure you eliminate those! Your diet is the grounding to healing and you need to optimize it to make sure endo doesn’t come back fast and furiously.

5. Sweat it out

All those synthetic hormones are like toxins within the body. You want to get them out of the body! One of the best ways to do that is to take up some exercise. Testosterone building exercise is fabulous – like using weights. Yoga and walking are also fabulous to help flush out those toxins.

6. Support your digestive tract

Many women experience a condition called Candida Overgrowth after being on synthetic hormones or the contraceptive pill for many years. Make sure you control this one quickly with a low glycemic diet, fermented foods and the right herbs. It can play havoc with your digestive system and really hamper so many aspects of your natural healing journey.

hormone treatments and endometriosis

I honestly believe that using synthetic hormones for Endometriosis does more harm than good for the body. The sooner you can flush that stuff out of your body, the better you will feel! Trust in your journey and build your body.

Having been on the pill for over 9 years and having experienced all those side-effects and issues, I can promise you that since going off it, my journey has dramatically increased. I also don’t experience any pain with Endometriosis and have healed so many other aspects of my body.

 Have you made the move to go off hormone treatments for your endometriosis?

Fragile X Gene and Fertility


I recently had a fertility client who, after successfully becoming pregnant, found out through genetic testing that she is a carrier of the Fragile X gene.

She told me a bit about this gene mutation and how it can also effect fertility.

This prompted me to do more research and pass on this information to you!

What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X Syndrome is a condition caused by a genetic mutation that can cause learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, ADD, autism spectrum disorder and, rarely, seizures.  It can also cause some distinctive physical attributes such as long face and  large ears.

It occurs in 1 out of 4,000 males and 1 in 8,000 females, according to the Genetics Home Reference, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

This syndrome is caused by a mutation in the FMR1 gene.  This mutation causes less of a needed protein to develop nerve synapses.  If this mutation is repeated more than 200 times, Fragile X syndrome develops.

What Other Conditions are Related to This Gene Mutation?

Some people are carriers of the FMR1 gene mutation, but with less repeats.  This is called a FMR1 pre-mutation.  This may cause some milder learning disabilities or emotional issues, or it can lead to these conditions:

  • Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome
  • Fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency

Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS) occurs later if life, after 50 years, and progresses with age.  It involves trembling and loss of balance.

Fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI) involves reduced function of the ovaries.  It can result in irregular or absent cycles, high FSH and infertility.

Again according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website, 1 in 200 have this pre-mutation, but only a quarter of that group will actually develop FXPOI (1 in 800.) The odds of developing FXPOI depend on the number of repeats in the mutation.  The mutation lies on the X chromosome and is classified as a X-linked dominant pattern, inherited through the mother.  To read more about it, please visit this link:

How Can I Find Out if I Have a FMR1 Mutation?

I did find one than one source for genetic testing of this nature online.  One option I found was through Labcorp, which I feel has a good reputation.

If you have Fragile X, autism, or mental retardation in your family you may consider testing.  If you have early high FSH, or premature ovarian failure you may consider being tested.  Here is a LINK to Labcorp’s page on the topic.

This can be a scary topic while trying to conceive, but it may be better to know than not know.

Have you undergone any genetic testing while trying to conceive? Was it helpful? 








What to do when you feel like a Hysterectomy is your only option for Endometriosis

What to do when you feel like a Hysterectomy is your only option for EndometriosisI have been in that place…..You are sitting in front of your Gynecologist after another year of struggling with Endometriosis, your pain has been unbearable and you feel like there is no hope on what you can do. You feel stuck. Stuck within your choices but stuck within your body, ironically too. Your Endometriosis seems to be returning every year and half and no amount of hormone treatments or good eating seem to be making a single bit of difference.

The Hysterectomy seems to offer some sense of relief in that moment. Like perhaps if you cut it all out, it will be all over, finished and never to return again.

It is however a tough decision and upon further research I discovered that even something so drastic is still no guarantee that the Endometriosis, will really be gone for good.

This is what helped me to move past a place of pain and lack of decision and avoid a Hysterectomy:

 1. I gave everything 150%

Up until this point my diet was good but not brilliant,  my exercise was kinda there but not consistent,  my stress levels were high and I had done nothing much to resolve those – even though I had promised myself to do more Yoga and Meditation and slow walks. I had done some things and yes, it was more than most but the truth was I wasn’t really giving it my all. I knew I could try harder. I could cut out all grains and eat more fruits and vegetables, I could cut out all chocolate and sugars, caffeine and impulse purchases from the confectionary counter. I could make a point of really nourishing my body with the best foods I could get and get completely focused on the ultimate forms of healing tools for my body. I could avoid anything that made me swell up and become inflamed – including my favorite M&M sweets!

The biggest change I made was discovering that food could be a real source of healing for my body. I stopped viewing food as my “restrictive diet” and recognised that it was in fact an ultimate tool for nourishment and healing.studied and developed my own diet, which I have found incredibly helpful within my healing journey.


2. I explored more Alternative Therapies

When I first discovered Alternative Therapies, I really thought that everything was all about diet. I hadn’t considered Homeopathy, Herbology or Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I knew I had to feel comfortable with them and it couldn’t be too “wacky” but I had never actually really tried them for myself. My friends and relatives had suggested them but now it was time for me to really try them for myself.


3. I set myself a deadline

I think for me, this was important. I needed to feel like I was aiming for something, that all of these challenges and changes had some kind of ending. I gave myself 6 months. I would give everything 150% and really explore Alternative Therapies and then if it still didn’t work…. then I could look at getting that Hysterectomy. It made it easier for me to work towards a goal and to feel like in the end, the Hysterectomy really was the best decision and that I had really tried everything else.


What started to happen was that because I had set myself to work at this goal, somehow answers seemed to appear. It was as if I was being guided on some level! I felt like it was all do-able and achievable. I found out more about the foods I was eating and how they were impacting my pain with Endometriosis, I discovered acupuncture and how it would free up blockages in my abdominal cavity, I discovered that when I reduced my stress and told myself every day, that everything was going to be okay…. that it was!

I discovered the amazing powers and how much nature provides within our food. Wholesome real food, without preservatives or being over-processed! Food was such a healer and could provide my body with so much nourishment!

I felt empowered and strong. I felt like I could finally make decisions about my own body and it’s health. I felt like it was finally up to me and I didn’t have to wait and simply hope that a pill would come along and save me.


My pain decreased. Initially, it took some adjusting but eventually after the 6 month deadline was reached, I no longer suffered with pain every day. I felt in control and like I could cope with the minimal pain from the Endometriosis. I no longer wanted or needed that dreaded Hysterectomy.

I know it sounds simple but nature really provides all the tools we need to heal and re-balance our bodies.

I learnt so much about food and real nourishment along my journey. I discovered the difference between simply avoiding certain foods and really providing for the body.

I hope this gives you hope and makes you rethink that hysterectomy.

Using A Cleanse To Jump-start Your Cycle

Using a Cleanse To Jump-Start Your Cycle (

Cycles, for me at least, have been these irritating, random, untraceable things. I remember when I realized, at nineteen years old, that some people actually knew when their next cycle would be. My jaw about dropped to the floor.

They were kidding, right?

Turns out they weren’t. For some women, perhaps even most women, cycles are as regular as clockwork.

For the rest of us, they’re a guessing game that we often end up losing.

The real problem, for me, is that I skip months; which, of course, takes a lot of the “predictable” right out of the equation.

When I first went to the doctor, after skipping almost six months, they told me the best thing to do was to take birth control. (Just FYI, this is not the best thing.) I had a predictable cycle, yes, but that was the only thing in my life that went according to plan. My moods were off the wall and my body rebelled completely. I flushed the next months supply down the toilet and went to my mom with my complaints. She told me to cut sugar out of my diet and see what happened.

Enter my first cleanse.

Oh, I didn’t call it that, but looking back I can see that I was “cleansing” my body of the refined sugars that were causing havoc in my hormones. For three months I ate no sugar at all, and almost immediately, I was perfectly regular. I continued limiting my refined-sugar intake and my body evened out for the next four years.

During that time period, I lived overseas and got engaged. In the months leading up to my wedding, I wasn’t as careful with my eating and that combined with the stress of wedding planning, caused my body to crash. My cycles disappeared, I was bloated, and I gained weight just by looking at food.

For a year, I struggled. I went back to the doctor and they put me on a weight-loss diet that did absolutely nothing for me. I took prescribed medication to bring on my cycles but they left me depressed, overwhelmed, and barely hanging on.

The next year my husband and I moved overseas. I had been praying about the condition of my body and my ongoing struggle with depression, and felt like the Lord told me to do something drastic.

It was my second cleanse.

I didn’t just cut out sugar this time, instead I fasted. For four days, I ate nothing. Instead, I drank potassium broth. The recipe for this was found in an old, old cookbook at the mission house in Haiti. It was potato peelings, carrots peelings, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper cooked in water and simmered for about 2 hours. The vegetables were scooped out and I drank the broth.

By the second day, after skipping over four months, my cycle returned. At the end of the first week, I started adding in whole milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and finally, the traditional Haitian rice & beans. It was like my body righted itself. The depression lifted and I began to lose weight again.

Since then, I have seen a distinct correlation between cleansing my body and regulating my cycles. Now, if I skip more than a month, I immediately choose a cleanse to implement.

I have used many different types of cleanses, depending on the season of my life. Besides the two I mentioned, I have juiced, done a raw milk cure, and eaten only raw vegetables for a week. All five types have worked the same. Within two days my cycle returns and my body seems to take a deep sigh of relief.

I figure anything is better than downing birth control pills, and the cleanses give my body a much-needed boost forward.

For more information on doing a sugar-cleanse, check out the  Sugar-Detox Challenge, available on Amazon
For more information on cleansing, grab a copy of Donielle’s new book Cleansing for Conception

What about you? Have you ever done a cleanse? Does it help regulate your cycles? What type of cleanse have you done?

The 3 Supplements I would recommend for Endometriosis

supplements for endometriosis

When I first started on my Natural Healing Journey with Endometriosis, I think I became a supplement fanatic! I wanted every supplement in the health shop as they all seemed to solve some or other issue within my body. My kitchen had an entire cupboard devoted to just supplements! It became ridiculous and expensive.

What I began to realize is that not only was it difficult to swallow 5-10 supplements a day, it possibly wasn’t healthy and that I should be focusing on getting my nutrition from my food, rather than a bunch of supplements.

So, even though there are plenty more supplements I could recommend for Endometriosis, I decided it is probably best to focus on my TOP recommendations and pick only three.

These focus on reducing the pain, eating up scar tissue and cleansing the Uterus. 

1. Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase* (found on Amazon) is one of my first recommendations for women with Endometriosis as it is able to help clear up old scar tissue, adhesions and cysts. It is a proteolytic enzyme which is found in silkworms. They use it to dissolve the cocoon when the moth comes out. It literally dissolves old tissue found within the body. It also has some amazing other benefits for the body, including cleansing the body of toxins and healing any digestive imbalances. There is an initial adjustment period, so don’t go rushing into full doses when you first get it. Make sure you get it from a quality source and that the tablets are enteric coated – this ensures they get to where they need to be. 


2. Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan

This is a Chinese Medicine which I have typically combined with Serrapeptase but it is exceptional at cleansing the uterus and reduces that heavy clotting and stagnation in the monthly cycle. I have found that most countries seem to have this one available on Ebay, so do a search and hopefully you can find it online. The Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan works on cleansing the liver, which is inherently where our focus should be when it comes to Endometriosis. This supplement along with a healthy, clean diet makes a huge difference to that monthly cycle and dramatically improved not just the pain levels but also the number of cysts and the heaviness of my flow.


3. Krill Oil

Our typical diets are very high in Omega 6 oils. Even healthy choices like nuts and seeds, contain very high levels of Omega 6. Ideally the natural balance within our bodies is to have the same ratio of Omega 6:3 fats. In most cases we tend not to have enough of those Omega 3, which leads to an inflammatory response within the body. Krill Oil* (found on Amazon) is incredibly high in Omega 3 fats and can really help to reduce the inflammatory response experienced with Endometriosis. It also helps with digestion and ensuring our individual cell membranes are pumped and ready to protect and release what they need to. Though Krill oil is slightly more expensive than Fish Oils, I do find Krill Oil to be a better choice, mainly because the source is often purer but it also seems to have a higher concentration of Omega 3 fats.

Fats and Oils are the transporters of our hormones into the cells and are therefore massively important when Endometriosis coincides with hormone imbalances.

I will add that Chia Seeds are a great food source of Omega 3.


I know there are heaps more and there are some which I could recommend for hormone balance or pain specifically but those are my TOP 3! If you have Endometriosis or have experience with it, feel free to share your recommendations below.

*As a side note: I don’t recommend Vitex/Chasteberry for Endometriosis for a long period of time. It usually has initial benefits but taken over a longer period of time (more than 6 months) it can actually make Endometriosis worse. I have personally experienced this and many of my followers have seconded this experience. 




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